Onya Baby has an elfin visitor

In which the Onya Baby family gets visited by a little elf on the shelf… Oh hey! Lookie here! The Onya babies were thrilled and excited when they woke up to find this little red visitor getting her OM in our home: We don’t know when she came in, or how she got in. Did she sneak a ride in our yoga bag? Mystically appear through a wrinkle in time?… Read Article →

Baby carriers for families in need: Onya Baby donates baby carriers to the Cambodian Children’s Fund

Baby carriers for families in need: Onya Baby donates baby carriers to the Cambodian Children’s Fund. Spoiler alert: you’re going to learn how you can help us give more Onya Baby carriers to families in need AND get chances to win an Onya for yourself or someone you love! Because giving back? It just feels good. Keep reading to find out more… For the past two years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to… Read Article →

Fashion inspiration for the babywearing mom

Looking for some mom-style fashion inspiration that helps you look good while you keep your baby Onya? Tips to stay hip with your baby on your hip? Well, this one’s for you, fashionistas! We’ve got loads of style inspiration for the babywearing mom. Because yes, your Onya Baby baby carrier is definitely awesome outfit worthy! We put together babywearing fashion boards for the style-conscious mom; outfits that are super cute and totally… Read Article →

Travelling with baby: tips to make it easier

Planning to travel with your baby? Travelling with baby can present unique challenges and give any parent – if you’ll pardon the pun – a terminal case of the freak-outs. In the interest of helping ease your travel woes, here are some tips that can make your family travel easier, from a momma who’s been there, done that, many times over. Tip: Wear your baby! If there’s one piece of baby gear you… Read Article →

Easy DIY babywearing Halloween costume: spider in a tree

We love babywearing Halloween costumes! The options are as wide and as varied as our collective imaginations; endless. You can make it as fun, spooky, creepy or out-there as you want to make it. And you want to use your baby carrier, right? Well, we want to show you ways to do that. Because babywearing is good for everyone, and excellent on Halloween! We already shared a fun and super… Read Article →

Pin it to win: Onya Baby Bundle

We love International Babywearing Week so much, we like to extend it to a month-long babywearing bonanza with Onya Baby giveaways designed to spread the babywearing love! To end the month on a high note, we’re offering one last giveaway: an Onya Baby Infant to Toddler Bundle worth $159! Perfect for all expecting parents and parents with new little babies, the Onya Baby Bundle comes is the whole enchilada: an… Read Article →

Super easy DIY Babywearing Halloween costume: The Gardener

Looking for an easy DIY babywearing Halloween costume? How about being a gardener? And isn’t it apropos? We nurture and tend to our children just as a gardener…so fitting for a babywearing Halloween costume. Oh, and did we mention how easy it is to make? Scroll down for more detailed instructions. How to make an easy DIY Halloween gardener babywearing costume. Detailed instructions: Start with the materials you’ll need: –… Read Article →

The Educational Side of Manufacturing

We look at producing Onya Baby products as an adventure. In our quest to produce the best baby carriers available, we are constantly trying to improve both quality and construction techniques. I’m Billy Rickard, Onya creator Diana Coote’s brother. And as the one who handles Operations and Production here, it is my favorite aspect of the job. However, one of the most challenging things about manufacturing is when things don’t… Read Article →

Babywearing 101: resources and research

Looking for some excellent resources about the benefits of babywearing? In honor of International Babywearing Week – and in the interest of spreading the babywearing love – we’re sharing some blog fan favorites and top picks. We hope you find them helpful. May you travel your babywearing journey with great joy and a sense of adventure! Oh, and yes, you can bring the baby along for the ride! In fact, we would… Read Article →

The recycled NexStep: what’s it all about?

Why is the NexStep so eco-friendly? Well, aside from all the awesome features that all Onya Baby carriers share, the Onya Baby Nexstep is an ergonomic baby carrier made from 100% recycled soft brushed twill with an air mesh lining. It’s super breathable and lightweight, and it leaves a lighter footprint on our planet for our children, for our children’s children. Have a look at the graphic above to see how we… Read Article →