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Does your baby need a little boost?

We often will get questions about how to boost the baby once they reach the in-between stage of newborn to just a little older than newborn, 3-4 months.  This is when they are too big for the Booster but not quite big enough to see over the top of the carrier. This really depends on your babys development but once they have independent head control and they have reached 3… Read Article →

My buckle is reversed, how do I fix it?

Every once in a while you come to us with the question: “My buckle is reversed on my Onya. How can I fix it?” Well, good news! It’s not only super easy to fix a backwards buckle, it’s also super quick. And you don’t even need to remove the buckle from the webbing to do it! How to fix a reversed buckle:  And that’s it! We hope you find this… Read Article →

Babywearing 101: SSC waist belt buckle tip

The elastic on the waist belt of your Onya is there to add security to your baby carrier, and we suggest that you ALWAYS use it. We also know it can get wavy with too much stretching, and can even be a bit of a nuisance. SO, here’s a tip to make it easier to thread the waist belt buckle on your Onya Baby carrier – or any baby carrier… Read Article →

Quick baby carrier washing tip

How to wash your baby carrier: the easy way to keep the straps from tangling. It’s always best to spot clean your baby carrier as much as possible, since that’s what’ll keep your carrier in the best condition for the longest amount of time. But babies are messy, aren’t they? Sometimes you simply have to machine wash your baby carrier. Well, when you do, here’s a handy little tip to… Read Article →

Winter babywearing tip

Winter babywearing tip: Keep your baby’s face uncovered. It’s winter and, baby, it’s cold outside. But keep that awesome baby carrier handy, guys! Babywearing in winter allows us to ditch the stroller and walk with greater ease through the snowy streets and trails. Because really, who wants to struggle in the frigid cold while trying to push that stroller over snow banks? No one. That’s who. Babywearing definitely makes getting around with your… Read Article →

Top tips of 2014

The best babywearing tips, tricks and resources from the past year. Once again we stand facing a fresh new year with our backs to another year passed. In honor of the old, we share our favorite posts from last year. We’re here to help make your family adventures easier, more connected and, of course, hands-free. We hope this round-up helps you find the best babywearing tips, tricks and tidbits you’re looking for to… Read Article →

Fashion inspiration for the babywearing mom

Looking for some mom-style fashion inspiration that helps you look good while you keep your baby Onya? Tips to stay hip with your baby on your hip? Well, this one’s for you, fashionistas! We’ve got loads of style inspiration for the babywearing mom. Because yes, your Onya Baby baby carrier is definitely awesome outfit worthy! We put together babywearing fashion boards for the style-conscious mom; outfits that are super cute and totally… Read Article →

Travelling with baby: tips to make it easier

Planning to travel with your baby? Travelling with baby can present unique challenges and give any parent – if you’ll pardon the pun – a terminal case of the freak-outs. In the interest of helping ease your travel woes, here are some tips that can make your family travel easier, from a momma who’s been there, done that, many times over. Tip: Wear your baby! If there’s one piece of baby gear you… Read Article →

Easy DIY babywearing Halloween costume: spider in a tree

We love babywearing Halloween costumes! The options are as wide and as varied as our collective imaginations; endless. You can make it as fun, spooky, creepy or out-there as you want to make it. And you want to use your baby carrier, right? Well, we want to show you ways to do that. Because babywearing is good for everyone, and excellent on Halloween! We already shared a fun and super… Read Article →

Super easy DIY Babywearing Halloween costume: The Gardener

Looking for an easy DIY babywearing Halloween costume? How about being a gardener? And isn’t it apropos? We nurture and tend to our children just as a gardener…so fitting for a babywearing Halloween costume. Oh, and did we mention how easy it is to make? Scroll down for more detailed instructions. How to make an easy DIY Halloween gardener babywearing costume. Detailed instructions: Start with the materials you’ll need: –… Read Article →