Video: Get Outside and Love Winter Babywearing!

Babywearing in a  winter wonderland is truly wonderful. Not only does it keep both you and your baby warmer, but it also eases the aggravation of trying to get around in the snow with your baby. Ever tried pushing your stroller through the snow or over a snow bank to get to the sidewalk? No, thank you! With the wonders of winter babywearing in mind, we share with you the… Read Article →

Winter babywearing tip

Winter babywearing tip: Keep your baby’s face uncovered. It’s winter and, baby, it’s cold outside. But keep that awesome baby carrier handy, guys! Babywearing in winter allows us to ditch the stroller and walk with greater ease through the snowy streets and trails. Because really, who wants to struggle in the frigid cold while trying to push that stroller over snow banks? No one. That’s who. Babywearing definitely makes getting around with your… Read Article →

Babywearing 101: Super easy no-sew DIY winter babywearing cover

Baby, it’s cold outside! Looking for the quick and easy way to make your own no-sew winter babywearing cover? Well, guess what? You probably already have what you need. If not, it’s easy to find, and can be very inexpensive. Better still? If you can zip a zipper, you can make this. For real. Ok, here’s the scoop: all you need is a too-big hoodie and you’re good to go…. Read Article →

Babywearing 101: Winter babywearing safety tips

Baby, it’s cold outside! What’s one great thing about babywearing in the wintertime? It keeps both you and your baby warmer, that’s for sure. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind when wearing your baby in the wintertime, things that will keep you and your baby safer in tricky conditions. Here’s our short list of winter babywearing safety tips: If you live in an… Read Article →

Spring Babywearing

We just love spring! California had a long wet winter and we are ready for some sunshine and flowers. All the trees and mountains turning green. The tulips and daffodils are popping. So, why not share our Spring babywearing video? We hope you like it, enjoy! Babywearing in the Spring   Save Save Save

Onya Baby has an elfin visitor

In which the Onya Baby family gets visited by a little elf on the shelf… Oh hey! Lookie here! The Onya babies were thrilled and excited when they woke up to find this little red visitor getting her OM in our home: We don’t know when she came in, or how she got in. Did she sneak a ride in our yoga bag? Mystically appear through a wrinkle in time?… Read Article →

Babywearing 101: the top 5 tips and tricks from 2013

Well, hey there 2014! Welcome, welcome. Did you know that one of our biggest goals here at Onya Baby is to help make your babywearing journey easy, pleasurable and, most of all, full of adventure? We want to help spread the baby love by providing lots of information – free for all eyes – here on the blog to educate, enlighten, and open everyone to the beauty of babywearing. So,… Read Article →

Evolution, parenting and babywearing…

Evolutionary parenting: why babywearing makes sense.   Picture it: you’re in your cave, snuggled in the warm furs and leaves of your bedding with your family sleeping around you. Your baby, tucked in the nook of your arm, nurses at your breast. You sleep together, keeping each other warm during the cold winters, and you know where each child is during the night. But now, as the sun begins its… Read Article →

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Baby Care Tips

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Baby Care Tips: Guest post by Alice Freeman They always say it’s never too early to get the kids interested in eco-living, but even before they can so much as utter a word, there are things you can do to start positive habits for the help of the planet and all who live here. So, with true 21st century consciousness and responsibility in mind, here are five top tips… Read Article →