Video: Get Outside and Embrace your World!

Huzzah! It’s International Babywearing Week! That’s kind of a Big Deal for us here at Onya Baby.

We’re all about spreading the babywearing love and helping people get out and into their world with their babies, after all. And this year’s theme is “Embrace your World.”

What better way to encourage parents to get outside and embrace their world than by sharing this beautiful video?

We think it captures the beauty of babywearing, bonding and embracing adventure at its fundamental by showing – purely and simply – the lightness and joy we find in nurturing those we love – our friends and our families – with our attention and time. And it’s even better when we bring our babies along for the ride!

We’ve always been about spreading the babywearing love, and what better way to spread the babywearing love than by giving it away?

Enter to win a gorgeous Cherry Red Onya Baby Nexstep baby carrier!

We’re kicking off International Babywearing Week this year by giving you a chance to win a gorgeous Cherry Red Nexstep! It’s super easy, too. Just enter below! Easy peasy.

a Rafflecopter giveaway This giveaway has ended, but keep an eye out for the next one! 

So yeah, it’s International Babywearing Week, we know, but we like to extend the merriment for the whole month! SO be sure to keep an eye on our social – like our Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter – to find out how that’s going to play out…

Happy Babywearing, y’all!

Now…get out there! Embrace your baby AND and your world!


  1. I love the gorgeous autumn backdrop as two friends and their children were able to just explore their surroundings without dragging along strollers.

  2. Happy International Babywearing to all!!
    You are the craziest guys for giving such wonderful giveaways! And yes this beyond carriers, i feel the love! Thank you for always taking the extra effort to us.. ????

  3. The part i like most is that the two moms are chatting and the babies are also enjoying while being carried.

  4. Great video! It captures the beauty of babywearing in where you can still bond with friends while bringing our babies with us. It makes life easier and meaningful. Happy International Babywearing Week!

  5. I love seeing that the Mamas can move with their littles without having to drag out a bunch of strollers and other equipment.

  6. The babies holding hands and the beautiful fall scenery were amazing in the video! Not to mention showing how awesome an Onya is!

  7. as a parent are also good friends from what it seems like enough of you happy international babywearing week thank you for the chance and good luck all who enter

  8. I love the colors of the carriers but it looks like the shoulder straps would be more comfortable than my Ergo and much more breathable than my Tula.

  9. i love how the video embraces the baby wearing spirit. Two friends taking a nice walk with their babies close at hand and not forgotten.

  10. Loved the part where the two kids are holding hands. Shows how babywearing can allow both moms and kids to socialize while being outdoors 🙂

  11. I love how comfortable & breathable the carrier looks. It would even be great for summer wearing here where its hot & humid. And those babies holding hands! ???? Bonding all around.

  12. Happy Babywearing week!! What an awesome giveaway!! I loved in the video that the two children were holding hands!!!

  13. Love how it shows the ease of wearing baby and doing anything. You can’t hike through hills with a stroller. Baby wearing is where it’s at!

  14. Being a Michigan girl I love the fall colors! It was too cute seeing the little buddies hold hands while being carried!!

  15. I love that aside from the bond babies feel with mamas in their carrier, this video also represents friendship, women coming together to share their experience in the beautiful fall weather.

  16. I liked how the two gals who could get out and nurture their friendship but also how the babies were forming their own relationship while in the carriers.

  17. I love the colors and how cool the carrier is temperature wise. I also love that I can use it for children of all sizes.

  18. I love that the babies are able to hold hands while the moms are talking. Babywearing allows for more intimacy between you and your baby but also with those around you.

  19. I love the fall colors. Fall is my favorite time of year for babywearing! I also loved when the babies held hands.

  20. I love how happy everyone looks both wearing and sitting in their onyas. And the two kids holding hands. Precious.

  21. I love how the video portrays the simple beauty of babywearing: closeness between wearer and wearee, time spent together outdoors.

  22. I like seeing the pretty colors in the video as well as seeing how comfortable the babies seemed with arms out.

  23. Love that it shows the different ways to use the carrier. And hello outside in fall with a little hike is perfect! Thanks Onya!

  24. This video depicts Babywearing well by showing how you can still carry baby with ease while enjoying being out and about together.

  25. Such a cute video! First time mom over here and love thinking about how I’ll be able to bond with my baby while still spending time with friends 🙂

  26. I like how comfortable the children and the mothers look. The children where playing holding had so that means there’s a lot of room for moving around.

  27. I love how they were able to take the babies out and enjoy the beauty of nature. I would love to do that with my son.

  28. I love Onya! It lets me be close to my little boy and still run around taking care of my little girl. The material on the Nextstep looks like it would work well with the up coming rainy season, making it even easier for me to stay active.

  29. I loved the fall video, seeing all the colored leaves, the babies holding hands it does inspire you to get out enjoy the weather and make memories, while babywearing of course.

  30. I love how everyone(wearers and babies) seem so happy and comfortable! The carriers look breathable and light weight!

  31. What i liked most about the video was that the carrier seems very light weight and the bonding between the babies. In strollers, that is nearly impossible

  32. I loved the video…it shows how easy and simple babywearing can be…that it allows you to travel light and nurture special connection. Thanks for the chance to win!

  33. Like seeing two mommy friends enjoying a beautiful fall day while walking and babywearing their littles. So nice to be able to grab carrier and go and not have to lug stroller around for when you want a walk with your baby.

  34. What I liked most about the video was the scenery. I love Fall. It is my favourite time to babywear. It’s so nice to be outside and snuggly warm together. I love the kids in the video reaching out for each other.

  35. I like everything in this video! The happy and smiling faces of moms and babies are wonderful! The Red Carrier would look great in this fall 🙂

  36. I love that the moms can interact with each other and the babies are right there part of their interaction, not down in a stroller looking at the road. And love the fall colors!

  37. i loved the way it captured nature, the relaxed & happy littles, the way the two little ones held each others hands and how content all four were.

  38. I love the two babies holding hands. So adorable. I love that this seems so much more breathable then other carriers

  39. I would love to try babywearing so I can keep my 6 month old close to me while I attend to my toddler’s needs. Please! Please!

  40. I love everything about it! I’m in love with Babywearing just as much as my babies are. I love all the sweet Babywearing moments.

  41. Love the colors of autumn in the video. We have enjoyed babywearing during all seasons and it makes life so much more enjoyable!

  42. My favorite part of the video is the babies holding hands! I love that babywearing lets them be more social than being confined to a stroller 🙂

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