Does your baby need a little boost?

We often will get questions about how to boost the baby once they reach the in-between stage of newborn to just a little older than newborn, 3-4 months.  This is when they are too big for the Booster but not quite big enough to see over the top of the carrier. This really depends on your babys development but once they have independent head control and they have reached 3… Read Article →

Spring Babywearing

We just love spring! California had a long wet winter and we are ready for some sunshine and flowers. All the trees and mountains turning green. The tulips and daffodils are popping. So, why not share our Spring babywearing video? We hope you like it, enjoy! Babywearing in the Spring   Save Save Save

Breastfeeding and babywearing – tips for building supply

Written with Jennifer Pitkin, IBCLC, RLC. We all produce milk differently. Some of us produce less than we’d like. Not to worry! Here are some great tips for building supply while breastfeeding. Tips for increasing your supply:  1. Feed your baby! Check out a little video from Onya Baby on how to breastfeed while babywearing! It’s super easy to give your baby nature’s original happy meal.  2. Wear your baby!  … Read Article →

The benefits of outdoor play for children

Being outside has so many benefits  – for our children and for us. Of course, we all want to do our best for our children. Find out how easy it is to provide real and lasting benefits for our children – while helping ourselves be healthier, too. All it takes for you is to grab your essentials, strap on some sturdy shoes and your Onya for when those little legs… Read Article →

Onya Baby: nominated as Comfiest Carrier!

We’ve been nominated as Comfiest Carrier for a Cribsie Award! Please vote for Onya Baby as the Comfiest Carrier! Onya Baby started from a genuine love of babywearing; a belief that a baby carrier is an essential part of every parent’s tool kit. We’re a small family company, and we’re truly all about spreading  the babywearing love and helping to inspire parents to keep living an active, healthy life –… Read Article →

Video: Get Outside and Love Winter Babywearing!

Babywearing in a  winter wonderland is truly wonderful. Not only does it keep both you and your baby warmer, but it also eases the aggravation of trying to get around in the snow with your baby. Ever tried pushing your stroller through the snow or over a snow bank to get to the sidewalk? No, thank you! With the wonders of winter babywearing in mind, we share with you the… Read Article →

Video: Get Outside and Embrace your World!

Huzzah! It’s International Babywearing Week! That’s kind of a Big Deal for us here at Onya Baby. We’re all about spreading the babywearing love and helping people get out and into their world with their babies, after all. And this year’s theme is “Embrace your World.” What better way to encourage parents to get outside and embrace their world than by sharing this beautiful video? We think it captures the… Read Article →

A new Onya Baby toddler carrier?

Is Onya Baby releasing a new toddler carrier? Nope! We don’t need to release a new toddler carrier, because Onya Baby carriers have always been excellent toddler carriers! So, what makes an Onya such a great toddler carrier? There are a number of reasons: From the high supportive back, to the cushy, angled leg padding for your child, to the excellent shoulder and waist support for you, an Onya truly is built to… Read Article →

My buckle is reversed, how do I fix it?

Every once in a while you come to us with the question: “My buckle is reversed on my Onya. How can I fix it?” Well, good news! It’s not only super easy to fix a backwards buckle, it’s also super quick. And you don’t even need to remove the buckle from the webbing to do it! How to fix a reversed buckle:  And that’s it! We hope you find this… Read Article →

How to use your Onya Baby carrier as a portable travel seat for Baby.

Did you know that Onya Baby carriers are the only soft-structured baby carriers that come packed with a portable seat for your baby? Have you ever been stuck playing “pass the baby” while the adults at the table are trying to eat? It’s not easy. Well – huzzah! – with your Onya, you can kiss that game goodbye. You never know what your baby might need a seat, and with… Read Article →