Happy International Babywearing Week! Embrace your World.

Huzzah! It’s International Babywearing Week! That’s kind of a Big Deal for us here at Onya Baby. We’re all about spreading the babywearing love and helping people get out and into their world with their babies, after all. And this year’s theme is “Embrace your World.” What better way to encourage parents to get outside and embrace their world than by sharing this beautiful video? We think it captures the… Read Article →

A new Onya Baby toddler carrier?

Is Onya Baby releasing a new toddler carrier? Nope! We don’t need to release a new toddler carrier, because Onya Baby carriers have always been excellent toddler carriers! So, what makes an Onya such a great toddler carrier? There are a number of reasons: From the high supportive back, to the cushy, angled leg padding for your child, to the excellent shoulder and waist support for you, an Onya truly is built to… Read Article →

My buckle is reversed, how do I fix it?

Every once in a while you come to us with the question: “My buckle is reversed on my Onya. How can I fix it?” Well, good news! It’s not only super easy to fix a backwards buckle, it’s also super quick. And you don’t even need to remove the buckle from the webbing to do it! How to fix a reversed buckle:  And that’s it! We hope you find this… Read Article →

How to use your Onya Baby carrier as a portable travel seat for Baby.

Did you know that Onya Baby carriers are the only soft-structured baby carriers that come packed with a portable seat for your baby? Have you ever been stuck playing “pass the baby” while the adults at the table are trying to eat? It’s not easy. Well – huzzah! – with your Onya, you can kiss that game goodbye. You never know what your baby might need a seat, and with… Read Article →

Babywearing 101: SSC waist belt buckle tip

The elastic on the waist belt of your Onya is there to add security to your baby carrier, and we suggest that you ALWAYS use it. We also know it can get wavy with too much stretching, and can even be a bit of a nuisance. SO, here’s a tip to make it easier to thread the waist belt buckle on your Onya Baby carrier – or any baby carrier… Read Article →

Celebrating Spring with Hike it Baby and Onya

One of Onya Baby’s biggest motivations is helping families get outside with their babies easily by creating excellent and very supportive baby carriers, so when we heard about Hike it Baby, we just knew we’d be perfect partners! Hike it Baby was founded in Portland during the summer of 2013 by Shanti Hodges, who’d been active in the outdoors industry before becoming a mom. Hike it Baby’s mission is to… Read Article →

Bums, Boobs and Babywearing: A BIG Green Earth Day giveaway

Onya Baby is excited to be in cahoots with two other awesome eco-conscious companies – Bamboobies and Rumparooz – KangaCare – to bring you Bums, Boobs and Babywearing: A BIG Green Earth Day Giveaway! You have a chance to win an amazing prize pack chock full of eco-friendly products for your little green baby. What’s in that pack? The following: a super-cute set of Rumparooz diapers, a great assortment of breastfeeding accessories from… Read Article →

The Real Reason I’m a Doula, Part 2

The Real Reason I’m a Doula, Part 2 Part two in a two-part guest series by DONA-certified Doula, Tiffany Decker Read part one here. As a doula, I not only get to witness incredible moments between parents, but also between the parent and baby. Catching the expression on the dad or non-birthing partner’s face when baby is born is incredibly remarkable. Sometimes, this connection is felt before the baby is even born. I… Read Article →

The real reason I’m a doula, Part one

The Real Reason I’m a Doula Part one in a two-part guest series by DONA-certified Doula, Tiffany Decker “Oh, you’re a doula! How exciting! It must be so wonderful to see babies being born.” When telling people about my career as a doula, I often hear comments like this. People are fascinated with life at its very beginning; with the idea of seeing cute little babies come into the world. I usually… Read Article →

Quick baby carrier washing tip

How to wash your baby carrier: the easy way to keep the straps from tangling. It’s always best to spot clean your baby carrier as much as possible, since that’s what’ll keep your carrier in the best condition for the longest amount of time. But babies are messy, aren’t they? Sometimes you simply have to machine wash your baby carrier. Well, when you do, here’s a handy little tip to… Read Article →